a humble mirror

If you chase dusk to its bitter wits' end, you'll witness the kiss of new beginning wash over the earth to restore what always has been. From blue to blue and back again. It is here within this journey that we spend our time, and here we wish to bring you.  Father Figuer is a sirencore indie alt band based in Philadelphia, PA. 

Aiming to serve as a point of reflection for those things which strain vitality, we work both for ourselves and for those whom we share ourselves with. While the mirror may become cracked, covered, twisted or lost, the important thing is to keep looking. To find yourself a million times is to live a million lives. 

love always, 

wintre (she/her)

creative director, manager

wintre founded ff in spring 2017. since then her role has expanded to cover many facets of the project and seeks to hold father figuer as a means to explore the many practices she is interested in: music production, physical arts, filmmaking, event coordination, and beyond.

elise albertini (she/her)

drummer, ff creative

elise holds many key roles in the project. her background in music business and technology informs the band's many ambitions and her skillset as an artist and ceramicist help ff to produce dynamic, high-quality merch and supportive materials.

miles foy (he/him)

recording engineer/collaborator

miles has tracked all father figuer projects to date and is set to track our 3rd full-length this upcoming summer. his background in music production alongside a dear friendship with the group has formed an intimate working relationship and dialed-in production. his attention to detail has transformed the way we are able to share our sonic paintings with you.

mia schaumburg (they/she)

visual production collaborator

mia connected with us in the beginning of our Jack of All Fruits journey and joined us in creating a beautifully grounded collection of work for our 2nd full-length project. their background in professional film and photography has brought the visual element of our project to a higher plane of expression. band pics, album cover, documentary footage, creative film work, etc etc. they've done it all.